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Project: Urban Infill Housing Fairport Road (Pickering, Ontario)

Client: Investment Company


BMA is working with the client on an infill detached housing development in the premium Fairport Road neighbourhood in Pickering. The 5 acre (2 ha) site will have 25 to 30 lots, including premium ravine lots on Dunbarton Creek.

BMA's development management role includes assembly and direction of the development team, land planning, submission and management of all planning applications and servicing applications. 

Concept Plan, Oct 11, 2018-1.jpg

Concept Plan

Project: 1956 Altona Road (Pickering, Ontario)

Client: Marshall Homes


BMA is working with the client on a unique infill property in the Altona community of Pickering. A large portion of the site will be dedicated for land conservation purposes with the balance in a medium density built form.

BMA reviewed various built forms for the site. A decision was made to proceed with traditional townhomes and back to back townhome units to create a more affordable product in the neighbourhood, targetted at first time buyers. An application for medium density housing (Official Plan Amendment and zoning) has been submitted for review and approval. One of the keys to this site has been negotiations with the conservation authority in terms of acceptable limits of development.

Altona Towns, April 18, 2018.jpg

Project: Industrial Building Conversion

(Trenton area, Ontario) 

Client:  Batawa Development Corporation


BMA was hired to monitor the implementation of an industrial conversion of a 90,000 sf building into a sustainable, mixed use building with residential, institutional and community uses. Implementation included site plan approval, overall project scheduling, and construction monitoring. 

Project: 1817 Fairport Road 

(Pickering, Ontario)

Client: Marshall Homes


BMA worked with Marshall Homes on an infill detached housing project in the premium Fairport Road neighbourhood in Pickering. The 5 acre (2 ha) site contains 31 lots, including premium ravine lots backing on to Dunbarton Creek.


BMA’s development management role included land planning, submission and management of all planning applications (zoning, plan of subdivision, plan of condo, site plan) and coordination of other team members (engineering, architect, landscape architect, noise, survey and environmental) and condo registration.

Project: Emmett Avenue (Toronto, Ontario)

Client: Downing Street Group


BMA worked with the client on a small surplus land holding from a rental apartment site on Emmett Avenue in the south portion of the community of Weston. Extensive discussion with planning staff and the community resulted in an application for semi detached and detached homes on the lands adjacent to a low density neighbourhood. The project was approved by the Ontario Municipal Board with final implementation with City staff.

Project: 1283 Wharf Street (Pickering, Ontario)

Client: Marshall Homes


BMA managed the approvals process for a small infill site of high end townhomes adjacent Frenchman’s Bay in a prime redevelopment location in the waterfront community in Pickering. A more urbane architectural design had been selected for the project that was suitable and attractive to the intended high end clientele.


The project was freehold in nature and used part lot control during construction to create the lots. A zoning amendment had been processed.

Project: 58 Ridgevalley Crescent               (Toronto, Ontario)

Client: Downing Street Group


BMA contributed toward a successful urban infull luxury home on Ridgevalley Crescent, adjacent St. George's Golf Club in The Kingsway. BMA’s responsibilities included obtaining site plan approval, coordination of the design team, and monitoring construction and construction draws through to project completion.

Project: Woodview Avenue, Pickering

Client: Marshall Homes


BMA assisted with planning and development management of an urban infill site in northwest Pickering consisting of 15 homes. The land plan involved closing up a local road and implementing a more efficient plan for the property. 

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