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Brian Moss, Principal, has a planning background (B.E.S., University of Waterloo) that has been applied in a variety of capacities in the development industry for over 35 years. He commenced his career with multidisciplinary consulting firms serving the real estate development industry in the Edmonton market, focusing on community design, development processing and community consultation.


In 1985, he entered the Toronto market with The Heron Group managing the residential and commercial land development portfolio under direction of the principals with the added focus on land acquisition, in addition to project implementation.


In 1995, he joined ClubLink Corporation to manage the development of golf course residential and resort communities in the GTA and Muskoka markets.


In 2000, the firm Brian Moss and Associates (BMA) Ltd., was created to market planning and land development management services for residential, resort/golf and commercial projects in the Toronto and wider Ontario markets.


He has an extensive network of industry professionals in related disciplines to provide consolidated services for any given project, whether large or small in nature. The competitive advantage of utilizing his services is that of securing a senior development manager that delivers tangible results in the complex real estate development business. 



Brian Moss

Principal, RPP, OPPI

Member of BILD

Pragma Council, University of Waterloo

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