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Project: Country Lane West

(Whitby, Ontario)

Client: Heathwood Homes


BMA commenced this 140 acre (56 ha) development at the land acquisition stage with the vendor. A team has been assembled for all aspects of land development, planning, and engineering. Applications will be filed and approved over the next several quarters. BMA work will continue through to land registration.

The lands are unique in that a significant portion is natural heritage area (open space) which will be an enhancement for future residents. The community will consist of about 350 homes.

Project: Medium Density Development, Port Whitby Community (Whitby, Ontario)

Client: Andrin Homes


BMA has prepared a concept plan and planning rationale report to implement a medium density designation in the Port Whitby Secondary Plan with 100 townhomes (variety of forms) in both freehold and common element ownership formats, including the rationalization of nearby municipality owned lands. The Plan will involve a plan of subdivision, site plan approval and common element condo registration and POTL (parcels of tied lands). The density is in the range of 50 units per net hectare (20 units per net acre).

Project: Country Lane (Whitby, Ontario)

Client: Heathwood Homes


BMA commenced this 128 acre (52 ha) development at the land acquisition stage with two vendors. A team was assembled for all aspects of land development and advocated for an urban residential designation on lands north of Taunton Road through the regional and local Official Plan reviews.

Through a landowner group effort, a Secondary Plan was prepared for a wider planned neighbourhood in West Whitby.

The land planning for the community has followed somewhat higher density targets set by Places to Grow legislation and continued rigorous environmental scrutiny, leading to a unique mixed use, mixed density community north of Taunton Road of 700 homes.

The site is expected to proceed to development over the shorter term with final approvals, servicing and phased registration.

Project: Traditions (Milton, Ontario)

Client: Heathwood Homes


BMA was retained by Heathwood Homes to contribute to the development of a mixed density community in west Milton, being a 100 acre (40 ha) site with approximately 700 homes. Initially, BMA contributed to advocating for development in the west sector of Milton at the time of the Halton Urban Structure Plan in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s. Once designated for urban development, a wide variety of land plans were advanced for internal review, resulting in a final draft plan submission and approval. Upon approval, BMA assisted in servicing and plan registration activities.

Project: Wyndham Village on Bayview (Newmarket, Ontario) *

Client: Heathwood Homes


BMA worked with Heathwood Homes to develop an executive community in southern Newmarket, consisting of 300 homes (50 ft lots) on a 100 acre (40 ha) site on Bayview Avenue, north of St. John’s Sideroad. The development required an Official Plan Amendment from employment lands, draft plan of subdivision, servicing and plan registration. Unique design solutions were advanced relative to (a) the arterial road frontage (parkland and local commercial lands) and (b) a resultant enclave community as there was only one access available to Bayview Avenue. The resultant land plan was very efficient and well received in the marketplace. Heathwood advanced the community open space amenities (including a 3,000 sf park house) prior to normal municipal practice, which aided in early marketing success.   

* Project implemented as employee of the organization.

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