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Project: 111 Forsythe Street

(Oakville, Ontario)

Client: The Daniels Corporation


BMA managed the development team in the approval of a luxury condominium building adjacent Sixteen Mile Creek and the harbour area in downtown Oakville. The site was very unique as the prior structures were partially embedded into the valley and required flood proofing of new structures on the lower levels. The development galvanized the historic Oakville neighbourhood around the issues of change and transition in their community. A design charette exercise was used to explore potential design outcomes including community members. The project final approval was garnered at the Ontario Municipal Board. Site plan submission and processing was completed after the Board hearing decision. The building is now complete. 

Project: 1181 Queen Street West

(Toronto, Ontario)

Client: Principal, Baywood Homes


BMA led the initial conceptual project development work with the architect and initial community/councillor engagement. The management of the planning application process involved coordination with all relevant disciplines. After considerable community engagement the client sold the site for further concept development by others. 

1181 Queen W, Kirkor, 2013, Dec 6, 2018.
1181 Queen, Kirkor, 2013, Dec 6,

Project: 2855 Bloor Street West

(Toronto, Ontario)

Client: Cooperators Development

Corporation Limited


BMA was retained by CDCL to provide development management services on a unique 2 acre site on Bloor Street West (adjacent to Park Lawn Cemetery in The Kingsway) in Toronto. Given the strong local market and neighbourhood context, a long mid-rise building (8-storeys) was found to be the most appropriate building form with a double elevator core.


BMA assisted with site plan approval, market launch (sales office and model suite construction) and construction monitoring/draws and condo registration. 

Project: 34 Main Street (Markham, Ontario)

Client: Cooperators Development Corporation Limited (CDCL)


CDCL retained BMA’s services to develop a 3 acre site on Main Street in Markham Centre, the new mixed use downtown area for the City of Markham (south of Highway 7 and north of Highway 407).


An owner initiated East Precinct Plan was prepared for CDCL and surrounding owners to provide a planning context for the application. BMA coordinated and contributed to the formation of the overall planning policy context. Markham went on to hire third party consultants to fine tune the planning context for the East Precinct.


The plan supported an application by CDCL for three taller buildings (12 storeys) with at total of 350 units. CDCL sold the site to a seniors housing provider, who have developed a seniors housing building in the location of the first condo building.

Project: Durnford Road

(Scarborough, Ontario) *

Client: Heathwood Homes


BMA worked on behalf of Heathwood Homes to develop a 4 acre (1.6 ha) site on Durnford Road in Scarborough. In keeping with the developer’s vision, BMA configured a high density residential development adjacent to nearby low density housing, while remaining cognizant of and sensitive to the adjoining lands. The proposal consisted of 4-storey buildings on Durnford Road, one 12-storey element set back from the road, and a central amenity building. 


While approvals were well advanced in this scheme, a market downturn for high rise condominiums required a rethinking of the application. A unique low rise (three and four storey) intensive ground oriented housing form was brought forward (60 units per acre/148 units per ha) for a non profit housing provider, including extensive community consultation and site plan approval. The housing form was successfully brought to the non profit housing market.      

* Project implemented as employee of the organization.

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