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Commercial Development


Project: Commercial Refurbishment

(Corktown community,Toronto)  

Client: Downing Street Group


The client refurbished a 100 year old warehouse into new vibrant work space, complete with a food and beverage component, for new economy businesses, in the east downtown area. Development coordination included concept development, zoning compliance/building permit/variance activities and heritage matters. The WE (former Free the Children) Organization purchased the building for its global learning center.



Project: The Lab

(south Etobicoke community,Toronto)  

Client: Downing Street Group


The client is refurbishing and rebranding two buildings (total of 85,000 sf) in an older employment area into new vibrant work spaces for the new economy, in emerging sectors of technology, creative and design/graphics. Development coordination includes concept development, brownfield mitigation and zoning compliance/building permit/variance activities.

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